About Our Cockers...

Welcome to Brandys Cockers!

We are a small red’g kennel, located in Inverary (Ontario), that started more then 20 years with our first Cocker "Mya".

Christa with Shay

We breed buff, red, parti-colours and blacks.

The name Brandys Cockers is in memory of our first American Cocker Spaniel, "Pettswood's Golden Brandy".

Brandy was a very special girl who taught us how loving and beautiful a cocker could be.
In 1988 my love for Cockers began as a small object under the Christmas tree with my name on the tag. When it was opened I found a book on owning and raising Cocker Spaniels.

The end of January 1989 the rest of my gift came into our lives and into our hearts, Brandy had arrived.

The day that little buff girl came into our home was the day we were all bitten by the Cocker "bug"!

Our Breeding Vision

We are committed to breeding to the standard with emphasis on health and temperament and our cockers are family members and live in our home with us.

  • We bred occasionally and we believe in quality not quantity. We are breeding cockers for health and temperament first.
  • We don't ship puppies.
  • We don't care how much money you have to buy a puppy, but how much love and caring you have for cockers is what matters for us.
  • We encourage people to visit our place, in fact we want to meet you and know who you are.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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